A while ago we made a rather adventurous trip to the Karoo desert in South Africa. The whole project was inspired by the TV-Show Lie to me, dealing with Microexpressions. and fueled by the current discussion about fracking & astronomy.

After visiting a remote place called Sutherland we investigated Shell's intention to frack up the desert, we went to see and calculate stars at the SAAO (South African Astronomical Observatory) and subsequently created an installation for the Goethe Institut in Johannesburg, larger than life gif-animations and a broad collection of research material to be browsed while sitting in former Apartheid school-benches drained in blood and sweat from hundreds of students.

Here are two gif-anim series Past Futurism (Shell Board of Directors) and Sutherland (Landscapes, Infrastructure, Flora & Fauna).

From the Past Futurism Series

From the Sutherland Series

Exhibition-Shot Johannesburg 2012